Songs of RODGERS & HART - Original 1925–1946 Recordings


'Tuneful and tasty, schmaltzy and smart;
            Music by Rodgers, lyrics by Hart.'

That famous couplet by Irving Berlin goes a long way towards summing up the enduring appeal of the famous songwriting duo of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.

For almost twenty years, from 1920–1943, they personified the savvy yet sentimental kind of tunes that poured off the Broadway stage.

Porter was more sophisticated, Kern more deeply harmonic, the Gershwins considerably jazzier. Still, when you look back on that period in time, no one captured it better than Rodgers and Hart. They gave voice to the feelings of everyday guys and gals, but they did it with a certain streetwise poetry (courtesy of Hart) and tuneful invention (thanks to Rodgers) that warranted John O'Hara'